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Deaf TV at the 2015 Australian Deaf Poker Championship

Julian Walsh and John Alamaras of Deaf TV filmed the two-day championships - State of Origin II and Main Event at Crown Casino in Melbourne during 9-10 October 2015 in which All-Stars and Khari Sou (VIC) won the titles respectively.

Deaf TV crew at the Crown Casino, Melbourne

The weary Deaf TV crew at the end of the Australian Deaf Poker Championship on 11th October 2015 at 2 a.m. appear in YouTube - "Deaf TV - DPA Main Event - Poker". Also
"Deaf TV - DPA State of Origin II - Poker".

Before the DPA Championship's first day contest, All-Stars, the title holders pose for a photograph. They were successful to retain the title in Melbourne this year. Khari Sou (VIC), at extreme left, eventually won the Main Event next night.

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